Doormats: An Introduction to the Tone of Your Home

At Doormat DeCoir, we offer handmade doormats in Tomball, Texas. We are the largest fiber-flocking doormat manufacturing facility in the United States, and we pride ourselves on the exquisite doormat options we offer our customers. Doormats are much more than a pretty product to look at, but rather a way to make a statement and communicate with others. Read below to find out more about the benefits of an exquisite doormat for your home. Personalize your design today!


A Statement for Your Entryway 

Your entryway is the first impression for people when they enter your home. If you are someone who loves to add character or style to your home, a doormat from Doormat DeCoir is perfect for you! Our premium doormats are perfect for any occasion and they are made with the high quality you deserve!


Send a Message

A Doormat can be a simple color, a picture of something, or it can even send a message to whoever sees it! If you have something to say to those who enter your home, contact our team and we will personalize any design you would like for your convenience. Check out one of our front door mats here.

A Conversation Piece

Have you ever seen a neighbor's doormat and wondered where they got it or how they came up with such a creative design? At Doormat DeCoir, our team members are extremely talented and we will ensure your doormat is unique and personalized so that people stop and admire the artistic twist it portrays. 

An Aesthetic Complement 

A Doormat can add that extra pop of color or character to your home and set the tone for everything else to complement it. Shop our rugs by a theme to find what you are looking for!

At Doormat DeCoir, we can design any doormat that suits your needs and our talented team will deliver quality, personalized doormats for you! Doormats can set the tone for the first impression someone has of your home, and we want to ensure you make a statement! Learn more about us here.